Market Risk Management Summit 2017

Examining latest trends, developments and regulatory requirements within Market Risk Management in Bank, Financial Institutions and NBFCs

Market Risk Management Summit 2017

The International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook painted a somewhat optimistic picture of the global economy while estimating a slower growth for India in the current fiscal, expecting the growth to jump back over the 7% mark during the next fiscal as consumption revives. At the same time, the new year has also seen the domestic economy starting to recover from the temporary disruption caused by the move to demonetise. However, despite a positive beginning, the year is not without its share of macro risks. Check out the emerging risks on the horizon. Looking at the effect of Demonetisation according to the government estimates, growth was expected to come down to 7.1% in FY17 and the disruption on GST according to the last year's economic survey, the overall average tax to GDP ratio for emerging markets stood at 21.4%. Keeping the factors in mind, it is always better to be ready for the volatile conditions and maintain a strong and robust risk management framework in place.

With regulators looking to amplify the frameworks for market risk management, the two-day Market Risk Management Summit will look at regulatory changes, modelling and stress testing techniques, liquidity management, tools and methodologies to identify future risk and know how to build a robust market risk management framework for market risk practitioners from banks, insurance and NBFCs. The focus is on the implications of the requirements rather than the details which will be discussed by industry experts. The event offers an excellent opportunity to meet with key decision makers, leading financial and banking experts in risk management, and provides an outstanding platform to learn more about the best practices in risk management.






Key Topics of Discussion

Day One
  • Regulatory Frame Work and KRI Implementation
  • Regulatory Capital Allocation and Balancing the capital needs
  • Treasury Operating Model and Market Risk in AMCs and Insurance Companies
Day Two
  • Good Governance to reduce Risk and Maintaining Liquidity
  • Adaptable systems and Models, Analytics and Tools
  • Understanding the behaviour Models and Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Commodity Risk, Equity Risk and Foreign exchange arena

Why should you attend?

  • Get familiar
    with new trends of Market Risk Management
  • Take part
    in our industry discussion about the future of Basel III
  • Be up-to-date
    with the Regulatory changes
  • Gain insight
    into the latest Stress Testing challenges
  • Discuss
    the threats and disadvantages of recent market changes
  • Explore
    the best practices from leading IT service providers and industry leaders
  • Meet and connect
    with Financial Institutions and Regulators

Who will you meet?


  • Chief Finance Officers
  • Heads of Treasury
  • Heads of Market Risk
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Heads of Trading - Mid-Market and Front Desks
  • Heads of Commodities
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Fund & Asset Managers

Who should attend?


  • Banks – Public, Private & Co-operative
  • Financial Institutions
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Stock broking firms
  • Asset Management & Mutual Funds
  • Stock & Commodity exchanges
  • Hedge Funds
  • Software solution providers
  • Management Consultants


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